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STUDY TACH stands as the leading Web Hosting Company in Bangladesh, with a decade of experience in the Domain-Hosting industry. Over the past 10 years, STUDT TACH has been offering top-notch services, including pure SSD Hosting and well-managed VPS servers, all at budget-friendly rates. Our commitment extends to providing exceptionally fast and secure corporate Email Hosting, catering to the needs of SMEs to large-scale enterprises.

In our pursuit of making web hosting accessible to a wide audience, our package prices start from Tk.2000/Year, setting an unmatched standard among Domain Hosting service providers in 2023. Beyond our core offerings of Domain Hosting in Bangladesh, we also excel in delivering comprehensive Web Design and Development Services.

At STUDY TACH , we take pride in ensuring a remarkable 99.99% uptime for our web servers, underscoring our dedication to reliability. With strategically located data centers in the USA, UK, and Japan, clients have the flexibility to choose their preferred location when acquiring web hosting services from us. As a major domain reseller on a large scale in Bangladesh, we provide an all-encompassing solution for web hosting and domain needs.


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BDT 2,000/ par Year
  • 1 GB Server Space
  • 10 GB Bandwidth
  • 5 Database (My SQL)
  • 10 E-mail Accounts
  • Hosting Control Panel(cPanel)
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Backup
  • US Based Data Centers
  • Powerful Xenon 24 Core Processors
  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Webmail, POP3, IMAP Integrated
  • 1 Click Softaculous App Installer
  • 1 Sub Domain + 1 Addon Domain
  • Scalable at Anytime with Any Volume
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Renewal BDT. 2,000+Domain Price



BDT 3000/ par Year
  • 2GB Server Space
  • 20GB Bandwidth
  • 10Database (My SQL)
  • 20E-mail Accounts
  • Hosting Control Panel(cPanel)
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Backup
  • US Based Data Centers
  • Powerful Xenon 24 Core Processors
  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Webmail, POP3, IMAP Integrated
  • 1 Click Softaculous App Installer
  • 2 Sub Domain + 2 Addon Domain
  • Scalable at Anytime with Any Volume
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Renewal BDT. 3,000+Domain Price



BDT 4,000/ par Year
  • 3GB Server Space
  • 30GB Bandwidth
  • 15 Database (My SQL)
  • 30E-mail Accounts
  • Hosting Control Panel(cPanel)
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Backup
  • US Based Data Centers
  • Powerful Xenon 24 Core Processors
  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Webmail, POP3, IMAP Integrated
  • 1 Click Softaculous App Installer
  • 3 Sub Domain + 3 Addon Domain
  • Scalable at Anytime with Any Volume
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Renewal BDT. 4,000+Domain Price



BDT 6,000/ par Year
  • 5GB Server Space
  • 50GB Bandwidth
  • 20Database (My SQL)
  • 50E-mail Accounts
  • Hosting Control Panel(cPanel)
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Backup
  • US Based Data Centers
  • Powerful Xenon 24 Core Processors
  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Webmail, POP3, IMAP Integrated
  • 1 Click Softaculous App Installer
  • 5 Sub Domain + 5 Addon Domain
  • Scalable at Anytime with Any Volume
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Renewal BDT. 6,000+Domain Price



BDT 10,000/ par Year
  • 10 GB Server Space
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Database (My SQL)
  • Unlimited-mail Accounts
  • Hosting Control Panel(cPanel)
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Backup
  • US Based Data Centers
  • Powerful Xenon 24 Core Processors
  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Webmail, POP3, IMAP Integrated
  • 1 Click Softaculous App Installer
  • 10 Sub Domain + 10 Addon Domain
  • Scalable at Anytime with Any Volume
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Renewal BDT. 10,000+Domain Price



BDT 16,000/ par Year
  • 20 GB Server Space
  • 200GB Bandwidth
  • unlimited Database (My SQL)
  • unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • Hosting Control Panel(cPanel)
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Backup
  • US Based Data Centers
  • Powerful Xenon 24 Core Processors
  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Webmail, POP3, IMAP Integrated
  • 1 Click Softaculous App Installer
  • 20 Sub Domain + 20 Addon Domain
  • Scalable at Anytime with Any Volume
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Renewal BDT. 16,000+Domain Price

All of Our Web Hosting Packages Includes:

Best Hosting Provider in Banglades
ssd hosting
unlimited database
backup transfer
ssl certificate
premium support

Factors to Consider before buying Web Hosting Services in Bangladesh

1. Hosting Space

Selecting the ideal hosting space is a crucial decision. In Bangladesh, numerous hosting providers offer a variety of hosting plans tailored to different disk spaces and resource allocations. These plans vary based on server space and hosting features. It’s essential to thoroughly research your requirements first and determine which type of hosting plan suits your needs.

For new website users or small businesses, the starter plan is often a suitable choice. Starter plans are typically affordable and reasonably priced. However, if you have a larger website with a substantial number of visitors, it is advisable to opt for a higher hosting plan to accommodate the increased demands on resources

2. Monthly Bandwidth

When a visitor accesses your website through a browser, data is transmitted from the server to the browser. Likewise, if a user engages in activities such as logging in or signing up, the corresponding data is stored on the server. Bandwidth refers to the maximum data exchange capacity between the server and browser within a designated time frame. It’s essential to consider the bandwidth limit before acquiring any hosting plan, as exceeding it can lead to website downtime.

As the premier web hosting company in Dhaka, Bangladesh, we offer hosting plans that include ten times the standard bandwidth. This ample bandwidth allocation is more than sufficient, especially when compared to the available hosting spaces.

3. Number of Email Accounts

Leveraging domain-based email communication is a savvy approach for any business, enhancing its overall credibility. Many hosting providers offer complimentary domain-based webmail services. Before finalizing a purchase decision, it is crucial to verify the number of email accounts allocated. Typically, small to medium enterprises require a minimum of 10 email accounts. Therefore, it is imperative that the provider’s beginner package includes the capacity to create at least 10 email accounts.

4. Purchase Price and Renewal Free

Choosing an appropriate hosting plan within your budget is essential. Begin by thoroughly reviewing the pricing details. Web hosting often involves renewal fees on a monthly or annual basis. It’s crucial to inquire about the renewal price alongside the initial purchase cost. Some hosting providers set an attractively low price for the first year but then significantly increase the renewal price, potentially leading to unexpected expenses in the second year of subscription. Without awareness of this pricing strategy, you risk losing money.

At STUDY TACH , our pricing is transparent, with no hidden charges. Notably, the renewal price remains consistent with the initial purchase price, ensuring a straightforward and fair pricing policy.

5. Hosting Control Panel (cPanel)

cPanel stands out as the leading web hosting management software, offering a robust platform for efficient hosting management. With cPanel, users can effortlessly upload and configure their web development content management systems (CMS). The software facilitates various tasks, including email management, creation, and deletion of add-on domains and sub-domains. Additionally, cPanel provides detailed hosting specifications and technical data.

Until 2018, cPanel was available as free and open-source software. However, a change occurred, and cPanel now requires a yearly renewal fee. Consequently, many hosting companies have ceased offering free cPanel with their hosting panels.

6. Server Uptime

Ensuring server uptime is a critical concern for website users. Uptime refers to the average duration your website is accessible during a specified period. When your server experiences downtime, visitors are unable to access your site, resulting in potential customer loss. Extended server downtime can lead to a diminished perception of your company’s reliability and trustworthiness in delivering services.

It is advisable to seek a server with 100% uptime; however, servers with a 99.99% uptime are generally acceptable. Hosting providers typically disclose server uptime information in their hosting packages, allowing users to make informed decisions based on this crucial aspect.

7. Customer Support System

A web hosting enterprise is fundamentally centered on customer support. Whether it’s a forgotten username or password, or an inadvertent deletion of web content, the resolution lies in the support offered by your hosting provider. It’s crucial to assess the customer support system of the company before making a decision. In times of hosting-related issues, prompt troubleshooting assistance is essential. Waiting for hours for support is not acceptable.

Consider a hosting provider with live chat support or mobile support as your preferred choice for the best web hosting company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Instant support is key, ensuring that any challenges you encounter are addressed promptly and efficiently.

8. Refund Policy

If you find yourself entangled with an unsuitable provider, having an exit strategy is essential. A 15 days or 30 days money-back policy with your provider is highly beneficial. In the event that you are dissatisfied with their products or services, you can cancel your order without incurring financial loss. A reputable provider, characterized by excellent hosting servers and outstanding customer support, is likely to offer a money-back policy. The underlying assumption is that ind

9. Website Backup system

It is imperative that your hosting provider incorporates a regular backup system, whether it be on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. This backup system serves as a crucial safety net, especially in worst-case scenarios. In the unfortunate event of a potential hacker compromising your site, having a backup allows for the swift restoration of your website. If your hosting provider lacks a backup policy, it raises concerns about their overall reliability.

Every web hosting service typically offers a manual backup system. It’s advisable to proactively take your own backups and store them securely. This ensures that in case of emergencies, you have the means to restore your website independently.

10. Physical Office

Certain hosting providers operate without physical offices, delivering support virtually. However, a reputable company should possess a well-equipped physical office. There may be instances where visiting their office becomes necessary. Prior to purchasing services, it is essential to assess the organizational strength of the company, including details such as the physical office address and the size of their support team. The existence of a physical office signifies the credibility of the company.

Additionally, it is advisable to seek support from a well-established company with a proven track record in providing similar services over an extended period. STUDY TACH , as the leading web hosting company in Dhaka, Bangladesh, has been delivering web hosting services for more than a decade, establishing a solid foundation of trust and reliability.

11. Space to Grow

Imagine you start with a small hosting plan, and after some time, the need arises to upgrade. If your provider lacks an upgradation policy, you may find yourself in a challenging situation. The flexibility to scale your hosting plan at any point during your billing cycle is crucial. A hosting provider should have a policy that allows users to upgrade their plans whenever necessary. This approach prevents the necessity of initially purchasing a higher-priced hosting package. To make the most of this, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your actual hosting needs.

12. Resource Limitations

Each hosting plan comes with specific resource limits. Take, for instance, the widely used hosting account, which often imposes a file usage limit of up to 300,000 files. It means you cannot exceed this limit when storing files in your cPanel account. Limits may also apply to sub-domains and addon domains, particularly if you intend to host multiple domains on your hosting account. Another critical consideration is the maximum daily email transfer limit imposed by the server. A common feature across hosting accounts is the maximum file upload limit. It is essential to conduct a thorough examination of these limits before finalizing your purchase decision.

Why STUDY TACH is the Best Domain Hosting Service Provider Company in Bangladesh?
1. Powerful Xenon 24 Cores Servers

The quality of the server is a crucial factor in web hosting, as it significantly impacts overall website performance and speed. Achieving an SEO-friendly website with a loading time of less than 5 seconds is highly desirable. To ensure robust performance, we employ powerful Xenon 24 Cores Servers and genuine Inter Original Power Edge Processors across all our web servers. The number of cores in a server directly correlates with its performance, and our 24-core server consistently delivers high performance when loading your websites. With the use of these cutting-edge servers, we confidently assert that we have the best hosting servers in Bangladesh

2. 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed Server

Whether it’s a personal or corporate website, the uptime of the server is of utmost importance. If your website is not consistently available, visitors may perceive it as expired or compromised, leading to the loss of repeat visitors. Additionally, a server experiencing downtime may struggle to rank on Google. To address this, we guarantee a 99.99% uptime for all our servers. Our commitment to server uptime has been verified by numerous hosting users in Bangladesh, solidifying our position as the best web hosting company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

3. 24/7 Customer Supports

Providing efficient customer support is our service’s guiding principle. Whether you’ve lost your passwords or encounter difficulties managing your hosting accounts, our 24/7 support team is ready to assist you. We are dedicated to resolving issues with your hosting accounts promptly. Utilize our 24/7 Live Chat feature on our website to engage with our customer support executives anytime. Additionally, our hotline numbers are always open, ensuring continuous and efficient customer support.

4. Unbeatable Price in Bangladesh

Affordability and dependability are paramount for any customer, especially beginners or small business owners seeking cost-effective web hosting solutions to kickstart their ventures. With this in mind, we have tailored our Web Hosting Packages to be accessible to clients across various segments. Our web hosting packages commence at Tk.2000/Year, offering 1GB of web hosting at this economical rate. The unbeatable and unparalleled pricing of our packages sets a benchmark throughout Bangladesh.

5. Deliver Quality Services in Time

We place a strong emphasis on delivering prompt service from the moment an order is placed. Our commitment to quality and trust is evident in everything we provide. We strive to promptly deliver our services to potential customers immediately after they place an order. Typically, we register a domain within just 1 minute of receiving an order, and we can activate a hosting server within 2 minutes. Our swift and efficient service quality distinguishes us as the Best Web Hosting Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Following the activation of a hosting account, we promptly provide access to the hosting cPanel.

6. Dedicated After-Sales Supports

As a service-oriented company, we recognize that customer support serves as the heartbeat of our offerings. Beyond merely selling Domain Hosting, we are committed to providing dedicated after-sales support to address any customer needs. Our team of expert support engineers is available around the clock to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. For our corporate clients, we adhere to a 24/7 online support policy to promptly and effectively address their requirements.

7. More than 500+ Websites Nationwide

For over a decade, we have been at the forefront of delivering top-notch Domain Hosting services in Bangladesh. STUDY TACH boasts a portfolio of over 500+ active websites across the nation. Our hosting services encompass a diverse range, catering to portfolios, businesses, groups of companies, institutions, and e-commerce web portals. The widespread usage of our web servers by hosting users reflects the high level of comfort and satisfaction they experience. As a rapidly expanding company, we take pride in our role as a provider of Domain Hosting Services in Bangladesh.

8. US-Based Web Server

The geographical location of a server has a direct impact on website speed. Recognizing the significance of this, STUDY TACH offers web servers based in the United States of America (USA). Utilizing original Intel Poweredge Processors, we ensure the delivery of high-performance websites. Additionally, to enhance web performance, we implement Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology. While US servers may involve slightly higher costs, the returns on investment (ROI) in terms of improved website speed and performance are substantial.

9. Flexible Payment Systems

Our company has taken a significant step forward by prioritizing payment flexibility. To ensure a smooth and convenient payment process, we accept various methods, including Mastercard, Bank Transfer, Bkash, Rocket, and Nagad, for purchasing any of our services. Additionally, we offer the option of cash payments when placing an order. Recently, we’ve introduced the Bangla QR payment gateway system through SSLCOMMERZ. This allows you to settle your bill effortlessly by scanning the QR code displayed on our website

10. Operated By a Group of Company

 STUDY TACH operates as part of the GROUP, drawing financial and organizational strength from our esteemed parent organization.  encompasses five sister concerns that have been successfully conducting business operations in Bangladesh for several decades. This extensive experience empowers us to manage ICT projects of any scale at our own expense. Additionally, we have established collaborative partnerships with international business organizations, further enhancing our capabilities and reach.

11. Free Domain Hosting Transfer

If your current provider isn’t meeting your expectations, transitioning to our services is a seamless process. The transfer of Domain Hosting to us is entirely free of charge – there are no associated fees. STUDY TACH stands out as the premier Web Hosting Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh, offering a hassle-free solution for transferring your website. Should you decide to move your web hosting away from us, we provide full support to ensure a smooth transition process.

Our Domain Hosting Services FAQs:

Top Domain Hosting Company in Bangladesh
1. What is web hosting?

Web Hosting serves as a virtual disk space where all your web content is stored. When visitors access your website, the stored content is retrieved and displayed through a database connection. The necessary hosting space depends on the volume of web content you intend to store, including data from webmail communication.

There are various types of Web Hosting, such as Shared Hosting, VPS Server, and Dedicated Servers. You can choose the hosting type that best suits your requirements. Shared Hosting is relatively more economical compared to VPS or Dedicated Servers.

2. What is pure SSD Hosting?

SSD, or Solid State Drive, represents a type of Linux web hosting hard drive equipped with cloud-enabled features. In comparison to HDD (Hard Disk Drive), SSD servers offer significantly faster speeds and enhanced security. These servers store data within semiconductor cells, ranging from 1 bit to 4 bits, functioning similarly to a flash drive for hosting servers. As the leading provider, we offer the Best Pure SSD Web Hosting in Bangladesh.

3. What is your popular Hosting Package?

Our company offers a range of Web Hosting Packages at cost-effective prices, catering to diverse customer needs. With six distinct hosting packages available, Hosting Package-01 stands out as the most economical and widely favored option. Should you initially choose a lower hosting package and later wish to upgrade to a higher tier, such transitions can be made seamlessly at any point within your billing cycle. Recognized as the Best Web Hosting Company in Bangladesh, we prioritize providing flexible and affordable hosting solutions for our clients.

4. Why is your Web Hosting the best?

Hosting performance is primarily determined by the number of server cores and the type of processors utilized. Additionally, the server’s location is a secondary factor. In our servers, we employ original Power Edge processors with an impressive 24 cores, setting us apart from many companies in Bangladesh that commonly use 16-core servers. Alongside our robust technical infrastructure, we ensure efficient and friendly customer support. The combination of super-fast web speed and dedicated customer support positions us as the Best Web Hosting Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

5. How to order your Web Hosting?

Acquiring our Web Hosting Services is a straightforward process with multiple ordering options. With six distinct Web Hosting Packages available, you can visit our website and navigate to the WEB HOSTING section in the Services dropdown menu. Choose any of our hosting packages, select the Web Hosting radio button, and complete the process by clicking the Submit Button to instantly activate your hosting. Alternatively, you can place an order by calling our hotline number or through our Live Chat section for added convenience.

6. How to pay for your services?

We offer various flexible payment methods to accommodate your preferences. Payment options include Bank Transfer, Bkash, Rocket, Credit Card, and more. Additionally, we accept cash payments for all our services, but this option requires a visit to our office. Alternatively, upon request, we can dispatch our representatives to collect cash from your location, a service applicable only within Dhaka City. In the case of cash payments, services will be activated upon the receipt of cash.

7. Do you provide a control panel?

The term “cPanel” is a shorthand reference for the Control Panel, which was initially introduced by cPanel LLC in 1996. This panel offers a user-friendly interface with seamless features for efficiently managing your web hosting. We consistently provide a hosting control panel to all our customers, empowering them to independently manage their hosting accounts. Using the cPanel, you can effortlessly create email addresses, sub-domains, website databases, and more. Additionally, the cPanel displays comprehensive statistics related to your hosting performance and resource allocations.

8. Where are your servers located?

All our servers are strategically positioned in the United States (US). US servers are renowned for their exceptional speed and security on a global scale. The location of the server plays a direct role in determining web speed. For instance, if your website visitor is in Japan while your server is located in the US, there might be a slight delay in website loading. This concern can be effectively addressed by incorporating a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for your website.

9. Do you have a Money Back Guarantee?

Our Money Back Guarantee policy applies exclusively to our Web Design & Development Packages. Unfortunately, for Web Hosting Services, full prepayment is required, and no money-back option is available. As the premier Web Hosting Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh, we are committed to delivering the highest quality services and unparalleled customer support. We strive to ensure that cancellations are unnecessary. However, if you choose to cancel your Web Hosting order, you have the option to receive a rebate by utilizing the refunded amount for the purchase of our other services.

10. Do you offer a virus scanner?

Virus and malware threats pose a significant risk to a website’s security. Our hosting cPanel features a comprehensive virus and malware scanner for websites. With this tool, you can easily identify and eliminate potentially harmful malware directly through your Hosting cPanel. It’s important to note that many viruses and malware infiltrate website codes through the use of null themes and free plugins. To mitigate this risk, exercise caution when using free plugins and CMS themes, taking care to avoid attracting unusual viral elements to your website.

11. Can I change my Domain Name?

No, the domain name is not changeable. If you wish to alter your domain name, the solution is to purchase a new one. It is crucial to conduct thorough research before selecting and buying a domain, ensuring that it aligns with your requirements. It’s important to note that having a domain exactly matching your niche is not necessary. An exact match domain does not necessarily serve as a strong SEO signal. You can optimize any type of domain by incorporating your focus keywords.

12. Do you have any Domain Transfer fees at your Company?

No, Domain transfer to us is completely free of cost. We never charge for it. If you are not satisfied with your current provider, you are just 2 clicks away to transfer it to us. To transfer your Domain, unlock it from your current provider and provide us with the Authentication/EPP code. Your domain will be transferred to us within the possible shortest time. Transfer out is also free to us. You are always free to move to another provider anytime.

13. Do you register dot .bd Domain?

The .bd domain is the country-level top domain extension for Bangladesh, exclusively available through the Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited (BTCL). As a BTCL-certified company, we specialize in the registration of dot .bd domains. Our registration process ensures a prompt turnaround, typically completing within 2 working days.

14. What documents are required to buy a .bd domain?

The registration of a .bd domain requires specific hard documents, varying based on the type of organization. For companies, trade licenses or incorporation certificates are mandatory. Government authorities are required to submit a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the relevant authorities. Educational institutions or universities need to provide an approval letter from the University Grants Commission (UGC) or the respective board. It’s important to note that BTCL reserves the right to cancel any domain application without prior notice.

15. Do you have Online Support?

Certainly, we offer online support through our 24/7 Live Chat services on our website, as well as through email support. Our hotline numbers are also available to address your queries and concerns. Providing the best customer support is our primary focus, and we aim to resolve issues within an hour. In many cases, we strive to provide instant customer support to ensure a seamless experience for our users.

16. Do you have Online Support?

No, we do not impose any hidden charges for our services. We are committed to transparency and disclose all charges at the time of your purchase. Additionally, our Web Hosting Packages include support throughout the year at no extra cost.

17. Do you provide VPS Hosting &Dedicated Servers?

Certainly, we offer managed VPS servers tailored for SMEs, medium-scale data users, and corporate entities. Additionally, we provide Dedicated servers catering to the needs of large-scale data users and sizable organizations. While the cost of VPS is slightly higher than shared hosting, dedicated servers are more expensive and may not be affordable for mid-size users. Both VPS and Dedicated servers prioritize high data security and privacy for users.

18. Do you have customized Name servers?

Indeed, our hosting control panels feature customized name servers. To connect with our name servers, utilize ns1.shellsoftbd.com and ns2.shellsoftbd.com. Typically, the propagation of name servers takes anywhere from 1 to 24 hours. We appreciate your patience during this time as your name servers become active.

19. Do you have subdomains and add on domains?

Each of our hosting packages incorporates provisions for both subdomains and add-on domains. Creating subdomains or add-on domains becomes essential at times to host distinct web pages within the same hosting account. Our various packages offer varying allocations for the creation of subdomains and add-on domains.

20. Does your Hosting bandwidth exceed?

The bandwidth limit is a crucial consideration for shared web hosting. If the bandwidth is surpassed, the website may become temporarily closed or inaccessible. Typically, we allocate a bandwidth that is 10 times greater than the disk space with all our hosting packages. Under normal usage conditions, the bandwidth limit is designed to never exceed our specified allocation.

21. Which CMS does your Hosting server support?

Our hosting server is compatible with numerous Content Management Systems (CMS), including but not limited to WordPress, Joomla, Abantecart, OpenCart, Dolphin, Concrete CMS, Oxwall, Laravel, and more.

22. What is your Billing Cycle?

Our billing cycle is primarily annual. However, based on customer demand, we can also accommodate biannual or semiannual billing options.

23. CanI install Softaculous Apps in cPanel?

Certainly, all our hosting cPanels come equipped with the built-in Softaculous Apps Installer, allowing for convenient installation with just one click.

24. CanI install Softaculous Apps in cPanel?

While unlimited hosting may be perceived as a myth, we offer hosting plans with certain resource limitations, such as file usage, inode limit, CPU usage, and more.

25. Can I upgrade my Hosting Package?

Certainly, you have the flexibility to upgrade your hosting packages at any point during your billing cycle. We do not charge any additional service fees for this upgrade. However, you will need to pay for the increased hosting space amount for the remaining months until the next billing date.

26. Do You Offer Discounts?

Certainly, we provide discounts throughout the year. To view our latest discounts, please visit the dedicated “Special Discount” tab on our website.