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Located in Bangladesh, we are an SEO agency equipped with a formidable team of over 50 top-tier SEO experts at Giant Marketers. Our objective is to empower small to medium-sized businesses to ascend to the pinnacle of search rankings, construct a resilient online presence, and enhance lead generation and revenue through our cost-effective SEO services. Demonstrating our global reach, we have successfully delivered SEO solutions to over 3,000 clients spanning across 55+ countries.

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Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses Like You!

Are you the owner of an online business seeking organic SEO services to amplify traffic to your website? Giant Marketers presents budget-friendly SEO solutions tailored for small business websites, aiming to foster lead generation and boost sales.

In the contemporary landscape of online marketing, small and medium-sized businesses require specialized SEO services from a dependable team. This is precisely what we have been delivering to our clients for years! Leveraging our wealth of knowledge and resources, we are dedicated to enhancing your search engine ranking by optimizing your content to reach a broader audience.

As a Bangladesh-based SEO service provider, we are committed to elevating your search engine performance without straining your budget. Now is the opportune moment to invest in SEO!

We Average 5 Stars Across 400+ Reviews!

Our consistently excellent track record is reflected in the numerous 5-star reviews we receive from reputable online platforms like Facebook, Google, and Trustpilot! Explore our client testimonials for a comprehensive insight into the caliber of service we offer, dedicated to fostering the growth of businesses similar to yours.

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Ready To Grow Your Business?

Take the next step and reach out to us today, or obtain a complimentary quote to initiate a discussion on how we can assist you.

Our Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services

Prepare for your business to expand, and we have the expertise to make it happen. Implementing our SEO services on your website puts you a step ahead of the competition.

For more than a decade, our company has stood as a premier SEO expert in Bangladesh, offering a comprehensive range of services in the SEO industry to clients worldwide. Our extensive experience has granted us in-depth knowledge of search engines and online growth strategies. Below are the SEO service packages that Giant Marketers provides for our clients:

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Our team of experts specializes in optimizing both on-page and off-page SEO. We will collaborate to create a customized strategy for your small or medium-sized business website, aiming to elevate your position on the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

E Commerce 1


Optimizing websites and content for search is crucial for ecommerce businesses. Whether you operate in a highly competitive online market, regardless of your business category, assistance is essential for expansion. Our team is well-versed in understanding the dynamics that fuel ecommerce success.

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SEO for SaaS

Maximize the benefits of our adaptable SEO strategy designed for SaaS businesses. Uncover opportunities for organic growth, overcome online challenges, and boost both leads and revenues.

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Monthly SEO Package

Elevate the visibility and growth of your online business through our monthly SEO service package. We guarantee that your website remains consistently optimized with cutting-edge SEO strategies and content practices.

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Guest Post Backlinks

We offer guidance on contributing guest posts to other blogs or websites, aiming to enhance visibility for your own platform. Leveraging backlinks is a highly effective method to boost traffic, improve keyword rankings, and compete effectively on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Local SEO 1

local seo

Discover the optimal strategy guide to amplify your presence in local search results. Local SEO yields maximum benefits for businesses catering to specific geographical areas or communities.

Technical SEO 2 1

Technical SEO

Conducting a technical SEO audit guarantees that your website aligns with the technical specifications set by search engines. By addressing your site's technical issues according to search engine algorithms, this process enhances your organic rankings.

Web design and development 1

Web Design & Development

The way your website looks significantly impacts how users perceive your brand and business, as well as their duration of stay on your page. We can assist you in planning your web design strategy to create the most favorable initial impression possible.

Website Maintenance 1

Website Maintenance

Maintaining and updating your website is a crucial aspect of effective business management. Our assistance ensures that you consistently meet user expectations by keeping your site's content up-to-date.

7 Years of Experience in Online Marketing Industry

With over 7 years of expertise in the dynamic online marketing landscape, Giant Marketers operates in more than 55 countries, catering to a diverse clientele. Our team comprises over 50 dedicated SEO professionals, both local and international, who have successfully garnered a remarkable 98% client satisfaction rate. This includes small and medium-sized businesses, similar to yours, benefiting from our diligent efforts.

Operating globally while rooted in Bangladesh, we are a seasoned SEO service provider with specialized expertise in the industry. Our excellence spans from effective communication to meticulous planning and flawless execution. Whatever professional service you require, entrust us to deliver. Our passion lies in assisting businesses in reaching their objectives, and we look forward to extending the same dedication to your endeavors!

Tailored for each client, our cost-effective SEO packages for small businesses are crafted in collaboration with your vision. Designed to address the unique needs of your business, these packages aim to boost website traffic and establish your brand as a reliable authority that ranks higher in search results. With our team of SEO experts in Bangladesh guiding you, your business is poised for rapid success!



Our sizable team is comprised of specialists in diverse subject areas.



As a worldwide service provider, we possess expertise in more than 52 countries across the globe.



A 40% retention rate underscores our value in the realm of small businesses.



We have collaborated with businesses across various industries, spanning both local and international domains.



Over the past decade, we have transformed lesser-known entities into million-dollar enterprises.



We maintain one physical office in Bangladesh.

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How Does SEO Help Your Business Growth?

Irrespective of your business size, whether you are a well-established large corporation or a fledgling startup, expanding your audience should be a paramount objective. In today’s business landscape, from local to global outreach, online digital marketing consistently emerges as the most effective means of enhancing your public visibility. Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, stands out as the most dependable method for expanding your online reach. By implementing SEO strategies for your website and overall online presence, you can foster stronger connections with existing customers, tap into new audiences, and generate sales on a larger scale.

In the realm of online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) stands out as the pivotal factor, and Giant Marketers excels in this domain. Each day, prospective customers are actively searching for products or services similar to what you offer online. SEO specialists, such as ourselves, possess the expertise to guide them directly to your doorstep! Collaborating with an agency specializing in SEO, boasting over a decade of experience like Giant Marketers, will significantly influence your Return on Investment (ROI)

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How Does Giant Marketers Grow Your Business?

With every client project we undertake, we create a roadmap at the commencement of our collaborative journey. This roadmap serves as a guide, providing a clear overview of the objectives we aim to achieve within a defined time frame.

Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives

To initiate the process, we'll attentively listen to your business goals and objectives. The primary step involves comprehending your industry and the underlying purpose of the product or service you provide.

data driven seo

Data Driven SEO

After grasping your business goals and objectives, we will proceed to analyze both quantitative and qualitative data, crafting a tailored SEO strategy specifically for you.

SEO Strategy Roadmap

SEO Strategy Roadmap

To monitor our collective progress, we will furnish you with our roadmap, consistently updating it as we navigate through each phase of our strategy.

Quality Standard

Quality Standard

In upholding our commitment to quality standards, our team will furnish documentation encompassing requirements, specifications, guidelines, and characteristics for each of our deliverables.

Process and

Process and Execution

Our work processes have demonstrated their value addition. We assure you of executing our tasks in a timely and efficient manner, aligning with the original scope and strategy that we jointly established.


Monitoring & Progress Tracking

While implementing our plan, we will furnish regular updates on our progress. This is intended to assist you in monitoring our advancements toward the completion date.


What Clients Say!

Our satisfied clients transform into our most prominent advocates. With a track record of successfully assisting numerous businesses, we’ve crafted fulfilling experiences by developing their SEO strategies. Explore their testimonials firsthand!

Jonathan Grant

Collaborating with this exceptional team was a fantastic experience. They consistently demonstrated a willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the job was executed flawlessly. Working alongside them has been delightful, and I eagerly anticipate witnessing the positive outcomes. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Jonathan Grant

Goldie Atwood

I’ve collaborated with numerous professional SEO services, and Giant Marketers stood out by providing an excellent budget range without compromising quality. It would be beneficial for them to expand their service offerings within the current budget range they provide.

Goldie Atwood

Harrison Cawood

All my planning would have been fruitless if I hadn’t chosen to seek advice from Giant Marketers before making the investment. GM guided me on the optimal allocation of funds and walked me through the entire process, illustrating how I could maximize its effectiveness.

Tyson Teasdale


Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

Arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our SEO specialists and discover how we can leverage the potency of SEO strategies to benefit you. Let’s delve into a discussion about your needs and objectives.

Your business aspirations, goals, and specific requirements ✓ Tailoring the optimal SEO strategy for your website ✓ Identifying the perfect package aligned with your website's SEO objectives.

Reason to Choose The Giant Marketers Team as your Trusted SEO Partners

Ready to elevate your small business’s online presence? Seize the opportunity to invest in our SEO services, and we’ll demonstrate how! Here are additional reasons to consider us as your reliable advisors in shaping your SEO growth strategy:

Industry Experience & Expertise: Nowhere else will you encounter a company possessing our level of professional competence, skills, and proven track record! In essence, our team is distinctly qualified to assist you.

Credibility & Skills: Feel secure in choosing us! Our expertise has nurtured a dependable strategy in digital marketing, leading to the trust of business owners worldwide.

White Hat Practices: As a provider of White Hat SEO services, we exclusively endorse thoroughly researched practices that add value to human audiences, prioritizing their needs over catering solely to the search algorithm.

Cost-Effective Growth: Our digital marketing strategies consistently prioritize cost-effective growth for your business. Be assured that your timely investment in our SEO services will yield a profitable return.

Dedicated Project Manager: In every client project, we designate a dedicated project manager who concentrates solely on your assignment. They will meticulously plan every aspect, from the project's roadmap and execution to its final deliverable.

Client Portal: We give each of our clients access to an individual client portal. From your portal view, you will be able to see everything related to your project, including our work roadmap and payment history.

Hands-On Communication Feel free to chat with us anytime! Our commitment to excellent customer service extends throughout every stage of our work. We maintain an engaged communication process within our team and with all our clients.

Reporting and Documentation: Recording each step of our process enables you to verify the services we committed to in the original roadmap. Our team diligently maintains a record of any changes made to your deliverable.

On time Delivery: Right from the initiation of each project, our endeavor is to adhere to the deadlines specified in the original roadmap. In instances of delays or challenges, we assure you transparent communication and collaborative problem-solving.

Industry Experience & Expertise: Nowhere else will you encounter a company possessing our level of professional competence, skills, and proven track record! In essence, our team is distinctly qualified to assist you.

Local & International Brands We Work With

With a wealth of expertise, we specialize in providing customized SEO solutions that excel across diverse industries. Explore our portfolio to discover the array of brands we’ve collaborated with, allowing the outcomes to testify to our proficiency.