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In search of a cost-effective yet powerful SEO solution? Your search ends here with Exertpro. Explore our comprehensive range of SEO services designed to enhance businesses’ search visibility and rankings. Reach out to us today to commence your journey!

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Get Our Search Engine Optimization Service To Ensure Your Potential Growth

At Exertpro, we offer a complete package of search engine optimization services to elevate your business on search engines. Our team of SEO experts employs proven white hat tactics to enhance your website’s search visibility. Explore our budget-friendly SEO pricing packages, choose the one that suits you best, and let’s start collaborating today.


What Is Inside Our SEO Services

When compared to other white label SEO service providers, we provide more budget-friendly SEO plans tailored for both small and large businesses. Give us the opportunity to understand your needs, and we’ll gladly assist you in reaching your milestones.

On Page SEO

Effective on-page SEO is crucial for content linked to your website, given Google’s frequent algorithm updates. Conducting structured analyses and consistent monitoring can aid in adapting to these changes. Our team of SEO experts is prepared to tackle the challenge of elevating your web pages in search engine rankings, attracting a substantial amount of relevant traffic.

Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO involves the external optimization of your website, occurring outside its confines, with quality backlinks serving as its core element. Our team is dedicated to generating a substantial number of both inbound and outbound high-quality backlinks for your site. Additionally, we diligently monitor your off-page ranking factors to boost the visibility of your content on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

SEO Audit

If you’re wondering why your website isn’t ranking on search engines, an SEO audit is the key to unraveling the answer. We offer a comprehensive SEO audit to identify any errors or issues on your website. Upon discovering them, we address and resolve each issue by applying the most effective search engine algorithms, just like a seasoned SEO audit agency.

Keyword Research

It’s true that now keyword research isn’t the only SEO technique that matters but still plays a vital role in SEO. Keyword research has been developed and you need to use keywords having high search rates and low competition for ranking in the search engines. Our experts will help you provide the best-analyzed keywords to enhance your reach with organic traffic and a targeted audience.

Authority Outreach

Search engine algorithms undergo frequent changes, and the landscape of SEO is ever-shifting. In this dynamic environment, authority outreach plays a crucial role by establishing links in a sophisticated manner. Having authority signifies that your website provides valuable content, contributing to a higher ranking. Our top-notch services are here to cater to your needs in this evolving digital landscape.

Backlink Building

Backlink building stands out as a pivotal component in SEO, influencing your ranking on search engines. The quality and quantity of your links significantly impact your position. Our team of SEO experts is committed to assisting you in acquiring new and relevant backlinks that not only elevate your site’s value but also align with our belief in fostering sustainable growth through quality backlinks.

Competitor Analysis & Monitoring

Conducting an initial analysis of competitors and ongoing monitoring are critical aspects of any SEO strategy. These steps aid in defining your SEO objectives and organizing the inputs necessary to formulate a growth strategy. Our approach involves thoroughly examining your competitors, identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this knowledge, we apply strategic efforts to optimize your site and secure a prominent rank in search engines.

Quarterly & Monthly Reporting

It’s pointless if you’re unaware of your issues and mistakes. Our experts identify and address every error, providing you with effective guidance for resolution. We keep you informed about the progress on a quarterly and monthly basis, ensuring you are well-aware of the ongoing status.

Guest Post Service

An article crafted for publication on someone else’s blog is referred to as a guest post. This practice contributes to building brand awareness and boosting your overall popularity. Our SEO services encompass guest post offerings, providing you with a comprehensive bundle so you won’t need to seek assistance elsewhere.

Monthly SEO Packages

Basic Package

$ 750 /par Month
  • In-depth SEO Audit
  • Initial Backlinks Analysis
  • Core Web Vitals Optimization
  • Content Optimize Up to 10 Pages
  • Image Optimize Up to 10 pages
  • Total Link Building 50+
  • Monthly Progress Report

Premium Package

$ 1250 Month
  • In-depth SEO Audit
  • Initial Backlinks Analysis
  • Guest Post Outreach
  • Content Optimize Up to 20 pages
  • Core Web Vitals Optimization
  • Total Link Building 80+
  • Monthly Progress Report

Enterprise Package

$ 1650 /par Month
  • In-depth SEO Audit
  • Initial Backlinks Analysis
  • Core Web Vitals Optimization
  • Content Optimize Up to 30 pages
  • Search Engine Rank Report
  • Total Link Building 120+
  • On-demand Progress Report
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Why Choose Us for SEO?

In the tale of Hamelin, all the town’s rats obediently followed the enigmatic pied piper. Similarly, as a website owner, you undoubtedly desire your targeted audience to follow your site. Increased traffic is crucial for enhancing website visibility and provides more opportunities to convert visitors into customers.

While we may not possess magical powers like the pied piper, we do have a team of passionate experts with extensive experience, employing secret tactics, a deep understanding, problem-solving abilities, and White Hat SEO techniques supported by a plethora of tools. Our dedicated approach aims to provide you with the best SEO experience for your website, surpassing the capabilities of any professional SEO firm or SEO audit agency. Give us a try and witness your dreams unfold. Let’s embark on this journey together.

We Ensure More Traffic, More Leads, and Sales

Our agency has achieved rapid growth by implementing a set of undisclosed tactics. We understand the intricacies of initiation, progression, and maintenance in our journey to success.

Brand Visibility & Reputation

Brand visibility involves showcasing your brand across various platforms such as search engines, social media, and online marketing channels. We offer notable brand visibility services for both small and large businesses, aiming to inspire your target audience. This, in turn, enhances your sales, spreads your reputation, and boosts your overall fame.

Unlimited Organic Website Traffic

The foundation of organic website traffic lies in brand visibility. By prioritizing and enhancing your brand visibility, we ensure a steady influx of organic visitors to your site. Additionally, we focus on optimizing keywords to act as a catalyst, further increasing the volume of organic traffic.

Top Ranking on Google

We provide services designed to facilitate easy ranking on Google. Our experts deliver on-site SEO, comprehensive keyword research, high-quality content, and strategic backlinks, propelling you toward the realization of your aspirations.

Increase Sales & Revenue

Rank on the search engine, gain a lot of organic traffic, get brand visibility, sales, and revenue. The whole path is straight and clear. Our experts are with their best cordial efforts to make you run on this straight and clear path.

Search Engine Optimization Process from Us

Rest assured that every penny you invest will yield substantial value. Relax and entrust all your responsibilities to us. Through our unique tactics and systematic approach, we are committed to reaching and surpassing your goals.


Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a website is crucial before implementing significant improvements. Our SEO audit experts conduct a comprehensive examination using a diverse set of SEO tools on your website. Through discussions with you, we gain insights into your goals and craft an ultimate strategic game plan that is tailored to work seamlessly.


Dedicating time to strategic planning is never wasted. Following a thorough review of your website and a clear understanding of your objectives, we meticulously plan our course of action to provide a robust search engine optimization experience. Employing our specialized tactics, we consistently enhance the SEO health of your website.

On-page SEO

Certain technical errors can significantly impact your site’s health. At this stage, we’ll address and resolve these issues, implementing measures to prevent their recurrence in the future. Our commitment extends to doing everything necessary to enhance the ranking of your web pages and attract substantial traffic. Additionally, we will prioritize URL optimization, keyword optimization, and site speed optimization for comprehensive improvement.

Off-page SEO

Our emphasis on off-page SEO is paramount, given the continuous evolution of search algorithms and ranking factors. Recognizing that backlinks signal content quality to search engines, we specialize in creating white hat SEO-supported backlinks. Additionally, we carefully consider the velocity rule of link building and ensure the overall health of your website is maintained


This constitutes the core of our service, encompassing a comprehensive range of offerings. We handle and upkeep all aspects, meeting your every requirement. Furthermore, we continuously enhance this service, providing regular updates for you to monitor our ongoing work.

Get Local SEO Services from Us

Explore our local SEO services tailored for both small and large businesses. Visit our dedicated Local SEO Service page for cost-effective solutions that guarantee a strong local search presence. Count on us; we’ve got you covered.

Embark on the growth journey of your dream project with our professional-level SEO services. Partner with a reliable, experienced, and robust agency to soar to the top of your industry. Initiate a conversation with one of our SEO specialists today—we’re here to assist you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimization involves optimizing your online content and website to maximize the visibility of targeted audiences through search engine rankings. A broader audience enhances your website’s visibility, attracting potential customers to your business.

Various plans are available for small businesses, with the monthly retainer being the most common for simplified billing. Contract services are a popular choice, albeit usually more expensive than the monthly retainer. The project-based model, similar in cost to the contract-based one, depends on the project type and workload. Additionally, we provide the best SEO tools for your small business at an affordable price.

For implementing SEO strategies for small businesses, it’s essential to follow specific steps. Begin by establishing a logical website structure, ensuring it remains free of broken links and pages. Each page should feature a meta title and description. Refine your written copy and seek citations. Additionally, consider requesting links from affiliated businesses to enhance your online presence.

Various SEO packages cater to the needs of small businesses, including hourly rates, project-based options, fixed-price services, monthly retainers, and more. As a trusted digital agency, we offer affordable professional SEO services tailored to meet your requirements.